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Narbeleth - Indomitvs

Narbeleth - Indomitvs

Label : Folter Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen S. : Dakkar is the man behind the Cuban one-man band Narbeleth. 'Indomitvs' is already the fourth record in four years by this Cuban man. By the way, Narbeleth is the name of a season and means 'sun-decrease' in Sindarin, the grey-elfish language of the elves in Middle-Earth. As you can see, we continue to bombard you with unsolicited useful and useless information about this twisted world.

The black metal that Narbeleth plays is based on the raw sound of the first Norwegian bands from the second wave in the nineties. Classic black metal without fuss, straightforward, without keys and grim. . An album for purists with punk influences, as in 'The Lower Point Of The Star': like this kind of black metal is supposed to be. As usual, there is also a cover song on 'Indomitvs' and after previous covers of Judas Iscariot, Urgehal and Darkthrone, there’s a song from Arckanum: a well-executed version of 'Dauðmellin'.

Dakkar did the mixing of the album himself and Ole Hartvigsen, alias Mithrin, guitarist for Kampfar did the mastering. Fans of the aforementioned bands need to listen to this album for sure.

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