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Lady Beast - Vicious Breed

Lady Beast - Vicious Breed

Label : Cruz Del Sur Music | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : The from Pittsburgh hailing traditional metal band Lady Beast has already released two full-length albums (‘Lady Beast’ from 2012 and ‘Lady Beast II’ from 2015) and a four-track EP (‘Metal Immortal’ from 2016) and with this new album ‘Vicious Breed’ they’re now up to their fourth sign of life. Biggest eye-catcher in the band is of course the charismatic female singer Deborah Levin, who with her powerful voice also determines the overall band sound to a large extent. Thereby she is supported very adequately by both guitar players on duty Andy Ramage and Chris Tritschler, who provide the songs with lovely riffs and inventive solos.

‘Vicious Breed’ contains eight tracks, which together add up to a total of somewhat more than thirty-six minutes of music. That’s may not seem like a whole lot, but personally I rather go for quality than quantity and there’s enough quality to be found on this album. Just listen to ‘Seal The Hex’, the more subdued ‘Always With Me’, title track ‘Vicious Breed’ and ‘Every Giant Shall Fall’ and you’ll understand what I mean. Nice fast metal, which sometimes is heading into thrash territory, with great vocals from Deborah Levine. Musically this reminds me somewhat of the better Acid songs from the eighties and that’s certainly not a bad reference in my book. Just like their previous releases this ‘Vicious Breed’ is a very convincing affair and therefore the fans of traditional female fronted metal should definitely get this one.

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