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Johannes Luley - Qitara

Johannes Luley - Qitara

Label : My Sonic Temple | Archive under fusion / jazz

Release type: Full-length CD

Leon : Ten years ago the progressive rock outfit Moth Vellum released its self-titled debut album, which received many great reviews, but the group disappeared from the face of the earth right after. Johannes Luley, one of the excellent musicians of this band, focused on his solo album and Perfect Beings, his other band, instead. Fortunately Luley’s other work is good too, his solo debut, ‘Tales From Sheepfather’s Grove’, was also well received by the critics and raised expectations for any follow-up. This year he’s releasing his second album, ‘Qitara’, however, contrary to his previous work he decided to focus more on a fusion between progressive rock and jazz

The album sees many guest musicians, and not the least I might add! Katisse Buckingham (Herbie Hancock, Prince), Otmaro Ruiz (Jon Anderson, Gino Vanelli), and Michael Hunter (Tom Petty, Lenny Kravitz) are just a few names that have contributed to this album. Edoardo Talenti plays most of the drum parts on the album and Luley plays pretty much every other instrument on the album, like guitars, bass guitar, mellotron, keyboards, and some more. Sometimes you can hear it when a guitarist plays the keyboards, because it’s really a different discipline, but that’s really not the case here, some of the more difficult keyboard parts are handed off to one of the guest musicians, especially the solo on Red And Orange is quite impressive. The album mainly consists of keyboards and guitars constantly interacting with each other and a layer of grooving drums that add their own dimension to it. Although the album contains only one song with vocals you really don’t miss the presence of a vocalist, the songs are incredibly well-written and keep you interested.

I can wholeheartedly recommend ‘Qitara’ to people who love progressive rock and jazz, the genres go really well together here and it’s a piece of art on its own. Luley should be really proud of his achievement. Also, I can recommend any audiophile to play the FLAC-HD version of the album, it really contributes to the sound of the album (it’s even better!). I can’t wait for the next album!

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