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Ixion - Return

Ixion - Return

Label : Finisterian Dead End | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Pim B. : The release of ‘Return’ is exactly 10 years after the release of the sole demo ‘Through The Space We Die’. Because of that the band decided to re-release a limited edition of 100 copies of that demo that will be distributed by their label Finisterian Dead End. A cool thing to have a listen to and see how this band has progressed. Especially if you haven’t heard that demo before, like me. I did hear the precious two full-length albums by these French guys and those I liked a lot. I even think they are original when it comes to the music. This I can say about their new, third album as well on which this trio deliver light-hearted atmospheric doom metal.

As you could read in my previous reviews Ixion is original because they mix doom metal with influences from New Wave and electronic music. That hasn’t changed. They actually added more influences like pots-rock and Folk. As a whole the music has soundtrack qualities. I also hear elements from the current synthwave scene, which appeals to quite a few fans of heavier music styles as well. Think about an act like Carpenter Brut that appeared on Roadburn. Ixion builds bridges. They know how to weave atmospheric synth-parts with doom metal. Even when I think they succeed in doing so I can also understand that this is not music for everyone out there. If you are open-minded to acts that cross boundaries in an almost perfect way, Ixion is a band to check it. They get my blessings.

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