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Ironborne - Prophecies Of Blood

Ironborne - Prophecies Of Blood

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Demo

Sjak : The new metal band Ironborne is coming from Northern-Ireland and is a collaboration between musicians who in daily life are busy with Darkest Era and Celtachor, two bands that are active in the Celtic folk metal genre. The band consists of guitarist/bass player Ade Mulgrew, who also wrote all the material for this demo (with the exception of the Thor-cover ‘Let The Blood Run Red’ that is), singer Krum Maguire and drummer Anais Chareye, who deliver their first sign of life with this ‘Prophecies Of Blood’ demo. The demo contains four tracks, of which one is the already mentioned Thor-cover (and which is performed very adequately I might say!).

Ironborne playes traditional metal with a prominent role for the nice guitar parts of Ade Mulgrew, but the material is in my opinion not distinctive enough yet to really stand out from the crowd in the flooding of releases that’s thrown at us every month. The songs are quite enjoyable to listen to and especially ‘Eyes Of The Demon’ stands out in a positive way, but there are still some aspects that need improvement if they want to convince a bigger audience. As such the vocals of Krum Maguire must become more powerful, while also sound-wise things need to be improved. The band certainly has potential judging the song material that is written, but they will still need some work on a better execution thereof.

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