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Trent Gardner - Leonardo, The Absolute Man

Trent Gardner - Leonardo, The Absolute Man

Label : Magna Carta | Archive under

Release type: Full-length CD

Jack The Jester : I really, truly don't know how to praise this album. This is must-have, must buy for all you Symphomaniacs out there (and everybody else also for that matter). Why? For starters: it's a concept album about the life of Leonardo Da Vinci, brought to live by 21 outstanding musicians. Second: everything from the musical spectrum is used, orchestral, symphonic, metal and jazz, subtle soloparts, unusual duets, variation all over, you know. Third: If you definitely want to have all the project work from certain artists you can't afford to miss this album. Which artists? Well, let me name but a few: James LaBrie (Dream Theater) as Leonardo da Vinci, Davey Pattison (Gamma, Robin Trower) as Ser Piero da Vinci (father), Michelle Young (Glass Hammer) as Caterina (mother), Josh Pincus (Ice Age) as Lorenzo de Medici (ruler of Florance), Lisa Bouchelle (Mastermind, October Baby) as Mona Lisa, Mike Baker (Shadow Gallery) as Melzi (friend of Leonardo), Trent Gardner (Magellan) as Verocchio (Leonardo's tutor), Robert Berry (Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer) as Salai (Leonardo's apprentice and almost adoptive son), Steve Walsh (Kansas) as Calco (advisor), Chris Shryack (Under The Sun) as Sforza (Italian prince), Bret Douglas (Cairo) as Francois I (king of France). And these are only the singers, a very impressive list, but they truly fulfil my expectations. The whole story is divided in 18 tracks which each are about a certain stage of his life. Because of the characteristic voice of James LaBrie and his large part in the project this album is perfect for all you Dream Theater fans out there. The chief of the Magna Carta label, Peter Morticelli, was planning this album for years, but due to the complexity of the person Da Vinci it was pretty tough to find the right format. Eventually he passed his ideas on to Trent Gardner who wrote all the music, lyrics and arrangements, resulting in a Rock Opera paying homage to the great mind Leonardo Da Vinci, a man who did so much more than only paint the 'Mona Lisa' and 'The Last Supper'. He finally gets the musical respect he deserves. Oh yeah, the production was in the capable hands of Terry Brown (the same who did the Rush albums), and the cover is done by Dave McKean (also responsible for covers on Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride albums).

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