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Arroganz - Primitiv

Arroganz - Primitiv

Label : F.D.A. Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Sicktus : I got to know Arroganz on ’kaos.kult.kreation’ (2013) and ’Tod & Teufel’ (2014) as a band who freely pick and choose from a wide array of influences from the death and black scene – and make those influences their own, blending them into an idiosyncratic and blackened whole, " amalgam of death and other genres.". Both of those albums were released in relative quick succession and it has been some three years since the last one came out, so I am kind of curious as to what hellish brew these three Germans have cooked up for us this time...

The first impression of Arroganz anno 2017 is that they have thrown all subtlety overboard: opener ‘Pilgrim’ kicks off furiously for a minute or two, after which the song changes to the trump card of heavy chugging and... And, well... And not much else, really. The song becomes rather repetitive, which sometimes works in a hypnotic kind of way, but in this case, the result is rather bland... A completely incomprehensible choice to start the album off this way if you ask me – especially since all the other tracks are so strong. Take the second track ‘Obliviate’ for instance: also slow and dragging along, but it is gloomier, filthy, stronger, darker, more convincing, more varied. The track has some well developed tempo changes, stays interesting and grabs you by the throat with its dark, melancholic atmospheres – both compulsory and raging, kicking and screaming. See, this is the Arroganz I know and love! ‘Strait Paths & Grave Walls’ again has a different character, more gnawing, gnashing, tearing, black’n’rolling (after the tranquil intro, that is). ‘Another God Dead’ is like a steamroller gone rogue, ‘Cortege’ is one of the vilest, meanest and more varied tracks and ‘Sepulchral Cold’ (which might be the strongest track on ‘Primitiv’) is a melancholic, slowly developing, meandering and spun out deathdoom dragster, which now and then suddenly ignites and works its way to a crescendo – followed by silence. End of the record. Time for reflection.

Well… And what is the verdict on the whole? You tell me... I’m pretty sure ‘Primitiv’ is by far the most schizofrenic album by Arroganz sof ar. Cold. Harsh. Varied. Strong song development. All in all a very, very decent feat (again) – it’s just a shame off the dime-a-dozen opening track...

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