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GumoManiacs - By Endurance We Conquer – Demons & Damnation

GumoManiacs - By Endurance We Conquer – Demons & Damnation

Label : Ghost Town Noize | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : German GumoManiac may not be the best-known thrash act that there is, but the band has already delivered three good albums so far. Anno 2017 the band is celebrating its tenth anniversary and treat us on, oh indeed, a double-cd, containing twenty new songs, and a total of over 80 minutes of music.

According to the additional info sheet I got with the album, ‘By Endurance We Conquer – Demons & Damnation’ is an ode to three decades of thrash, and hearing the record I can only concur. The first disc, ‘Demons’, is mainly in the sign of pure, old-school thrash and above all pure aggression. The songs are relatively short and the pace is quite high in general. In only 33 minutes the band rages through ten old-school thrashers that mainly represent the extremer variants of the genre. This is a small chunk of pure thrash that has everything that makes this genre so damn interesting for me. Fast, sharp, catchy riffs, a punky “full-all” attitude, screaming yet clean vocals, and a generally wrought-up vibe.

On the second disc, ‘Damnation’, the gentlemen show a more “reserved” approach and the emphasis not only lies on sturdy mid-tempo tunes in which melody plays a greater role, but also on a somewhat more modern approach. Fortunately the gentlemen have avoided those ultra-heavy and low tunes, as well as those annoying break and half-assed grunts (that are oh so popular nowadays), and the total picture is still utter thrash. You know what I mean. On this CD the band simply shows a different side of itself and prove to be capable of more than just blasting and pounding all the time. And don’t get me wrong, because also here the gentlemen break loose from time to time and go full speed ahead. Although from a musical and a technical point of view these songs have more to offer, I must say that the old-school approach and the overall feel of ‘Demons’ applies to me a lot more. But anyway, that is purely a matter of taste and preference, and changes nothing about the fact that the Maniacs have delivered a pack of strong, well-composed and greatly performed songs, that thanks to the fantastic production of the band’s own bassist, Robert “Hubi” Hofmann, blast out even more. All in all ‘By Endurance We Conquer’ is definitely recommended to those who cannot get enough of the genre. And let me say that it’s about time that this band finally starts getting the respect and the recognition it deserves. Thrash ‘til death!

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