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Spirit Adrift - Curse Of Conception

Spirit Adrift - Curse Of Conception

Label : 20 Buck Spin | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : A year after the well-received ‘Chained To Oblivion’ album Nate Garrett (better known as Spirit Adrift) releases ‘Curse Of Conception’. After listening to this album it wouldn’t surprise me that this will be the breakthrough of Spirit Adrift. Everything adds up on this album. Well, almost everything. I did get a shock when I saw the new logo and the cover art. It reminded me a lot of Italian power metal. Thank God that horrendous music is nowhere to be found on this album. ‘Curse Of Conception’ continues where ‘Chained To Oblivion’ stopped, be it that it is a little less doom, the tempo is a bit higher and the songs in general shorter. There is a little more heavy metal present, like that of Metallica’s black album. Everything sounds really full and especially powerful and the guitar lines are scrumptious. Nate’s vocals is nice and powerful, clean and clear and complements the music perfectly. At times the Pallbearer and Warning influences can be discerned, but a lot less than on previous releases. Spirit Adrift has clearly gained an identity of their own. ‘Curse Of Conception’ is a great work of art. Hopefully the band will play Europe soon. Nate has gathered a live-up around him and therefore I am curious if a next release will be solo project, once again, or if it might be a band effort.

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