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Malkavian - Annihilating The Shades

Malkavian - Annihilating The Shades

Label : Finisterian Dead End | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : ‘Annihilating The Shades’ is the second full-length by a band called Malkavian. They hail from Nantes, France and were formed in 2005. They debuted with a self-titled demo in 2007, followed by the ‘November Ends’ EP (2009). The first full-length ‘The Worshipping Mass’ was released in 2014 by the label that also released the band’s newest opus: Finisterian Dead End, a label that concentrates on releasing bands from the Brittany (France) region. Visit Bandcamp to listen to the full-lengths in its entirety.

Malkavian (Nicolas Bel / guitars, Mathieu Deicke / guitars, Romaric Lamare / vocals, Florian Pesset / bass and Alex Jadi / drums) play energetic thrash metal with some groovy parts. It seems like Machine Head and Crowbar are jamming and blending together, which can be heard on the ‘Annihilating The Shades’ album. This one is kinda great and the musicians are very skilled. The only “but” is that originality is hard to find on this one. Nevertheless, this one is a real brain shaker and a genuine bone breaker. Good one for all newbie thrashers out there.

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