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Honeymoon Disease - Part Human, Mostly Beast

Honeymoon Disease - Part Human, Mostly Beast

Label : The Sign | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Henk : Honeymoon Disease is a Swedish band that releases their second CD with 'Part Human, Mostly Beast'. The first was reviewed by colleague Mol and valued at 58 points. Did the band get any better the last year and a half? Personally I think not after listening to this new album.

The quartet consisting of two men and two ladies plays hard rock in seventies style. The CD starts very good with the songs ‘Doin' It Again’ and ‘Only Thing Alive’. Unfortunately, it's all downhill after that. Band and producer found out during the pre-production of this album that both had interest in old soul records, so the emphasis is placed on the vocal part that should sound more soulful. If that worked out well one has to decide for themselves. Personally, I think that this kind of music can use a more rough sounding voice. Obviously she can sing, it's just not fitting the music that is in the likes of early Heart, and with the use of horns in 'Tail Twister' and 'Fly Bird Fly High' also sounds a bit like Dutch singer Anouk. Now and then, there are very good guitar solos, and the album sounds quite tight. Add a bright production to it, and it's an okay album. Not at all original though and unfortunately also not ferocious hard rocking.

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