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Hok-Key - Kalasy Pad Siarpom

Hok-Key - Kalasy Pad Siarpom

Label : STF Records | Archive under pagan / folk metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : The amount of Russian folk metal bands that cross my path has been notably high the past months. This textual variation of the sport played with ball and stick does not belong to the better half of this tidal wave, even though they are not really from Russia but from Belarus. The nine songs on this album are in fact okay written, but quite a tedious listen and nowhere catchy. The band took up the noble purpose of writing all lyrics in their endangered mother tongue. This way they hope to do their part in preventing the language from dying out. Noble purpose or not, it certainly does not add to the listening experience, for it makes the songs even harder to digest. And then I did not yet mention the simply hilarious male vocals, reminding Captain Hans Geering rather than any serious singer. All in all not a product that you should hasten to buy.

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