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Himmellegeme - Myth of Earth

Himmellegeme - Myth of Earth

Label : Karisma Records | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Leon : As if they’ve planned it beforehand I’ve received three CD’s from Norwegian progressive rock bands, whom all focus on an atmospheric sound, within one week! This review will focus on the group Himmellegeme, the only one with more than four tracks on the album. After checking Google it looks like Himmellegeme means ‘celestial body’ which fits perfectly with the sounds of the band. The group from Bergen is releasing their first album Myth Of Earth.

Like mentioned before, the group plays progressive rock with a lot of focus on the ambience, similar to bands like Pink Floyd and Radiohead. Although it’s not my favorite part of the genre I have to admit that it’s done very well. I don’t particularly like the Norwegian lyrics but the vocals of Aleksander Vormestrand are quite good, exactly like you’d hope they’d be. He definitely is no Jorn Lande, but that’s really not necessary in this genre, Vormestrand sometimes actually reminds me of Thom Yorke (Radiohead)! The atmospheric music is created by Vormestrand’s and Hein Alexander Olson’s guitars and Lauritz Isaksen’s keyboard parts, these gentlemen are responsible for the great sound of the album and the high quality of the songs. I shouldn’t forget about Bass player Erik Alfredsen and drummer Thord Nordli, they are the icing on the musical cake. Also the production is really great.

It’s a good start for the Norwegians because they deliver a great sounding album, I’m, however, afraid that they won’t be having an international breakthrough anytime soon. If the band wants to pursue this I strongly believe that they’d need to sing in English only, people just like to know what a song is about and like to sing along. That’s the only bit of criticism I have, or well… I also feel that the music is a bit too slow for my taste, but then again I am not a fan of this part of the genre. Fans of Pink Floyd and Radiohead will probably enjoy this CD quite a bit.

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