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Gudars Skymning - V

Gudars Skymning - V

Label : Transubstans Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : The first time I heard something from this band, was with the release of their album ‘Hoj Era Glas’, and I was truly hooked on this stuff. The Swedish lyrics and the hard rock with sympho-acid-stoner influences may not appeal to everyone that much instantly, because the vocals are on (or sometimes even over) the edge and the music can be quite stubborn in rhythms, going into psychedelic or even jazz rock directions. The first few tracks remain on the straight forward path mostly, but with ‘Allman’ things are getting exciting; mention the creative rhythms and arrangements. This gets even more interesting with the following Hjartats Odemark’ and ‘Vid Vansinnets Berg’, with the Zappa-like beginning and the phenomenal instrumental contributions in the second part. Also the final track, the melodramatic sympho-doomy ‘Angbands Halor’ is a true masterpiece. Mostly I’m not too fond of the (over)exposure of technical capabilities, but these guys simply present their passion and drive in combination with a huge level of technical quality so convincing; they’ve done a truly great job once more!

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