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Forsaken - Pentateuch

Forsaken - Pentateuch

Label : Mighty Music | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Pim B. : It’s been a while since we heard new music by Forsaken. Their last release was the split 12” with Finland’s Fall Of The Idols from 2010. The band members didn’t sit still though. Drummer Simeon Gatt released an EP with his other band Dawn Of Anguish in 2013. Guitarist Sean Vucovic released an EP in 2011 and a full-length in 2015 with his band Norm Rejection. Bassist Albert Bell was very active with Nomad Son with whom he released albums in 2010 and 2013. Next to that he also released two solo albums under the name Albert Bell’s Sacro Sanctus. Vocalist Leo Stivala started the band Wolven Hour of which we can expect material any time soon. All these activities might have been a reason we had to wait on new Forsaken material for such a long time. On the other hand, patience is a virtue and the foursome from Malta delivers the goods with ‘Pentateuch’.

This fifth album is the first album for Denmark’s Mighty Music. The previous releases came out through I Hate Records. Lyrically ‘Pentateuch’ deals with the first five books of the Old Testament. Musically Forsaken delivers some mighty sounding epic doom metal. One of the things that I find remarkable is the production. Opposed to the previous albums and also compared to other bands within the genre this new one sounds really heavy. A good thing because it sets Forsaken apart. The heavy bass-lines by Bell form a good base together with Gatt’s pounding drums. Vucovic adds a good dose of heaviness with his rhythm guitars. This is a great foundation for him to excel with his solos and he leaves enough room for Stivala to show off his singing capabilities.

When it comes to the compositions the band really put out all the stops resulting in a splendid album. A song like ‘Primal Wound’ shows that clearly with its upbeat character. A song you can bang your head to while having goose bumps because of the outstanding playing skills of these guys. The other songs are mostly slower with the 15-minute ‘Apocryphal Winds’ as the final number of the show. The album is just under an hour but it’s over before you know it. That is a sign this simply is an interesting recording. They added some elements that add to the listening pleasure. Each time you give the album a spin you will discover something new, like a cool lick or the female vocals in ‘Serpent Bride’ for instance. ‘Pentateuch’ defines that Forsaken belongs to the absolute top!

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