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Emmure - Look At Yourself

Emmure - Look At Yourself

Label : Sharp Tone Records | Archive under metalcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Daniël : A decade after their debut, ‘Goodbye To The Gallows’ (2007), Emmure releases what is already their seventh full-length: ‘Look At Yourself’. But Emmure is never the same: Frankie Palmeri has shaken up and replaced his whole line-up. Sole remaining member and founding father Palmeri has recruited most of Glass Cloud to write and play on ‘Look At Yourself’, and the similarities are undeniable. The atonal riffs and leading vocals differentiate between the djent-driven tracks.

Those lead vocals are, however, way less interesting when Palmeri performs them. Our macho man raps and screams as though his life depended on it and admittedly: his growls are on-point. But there is no harmony, no direction, no measure. Rapping Palmeri gets stuck in his supposedly provocative tirades: “You think I give a fuck/Because I don’t/And let me ask you one more time//You think I give a fuck/Because I don’t/Move out the way so I can spit my shit” (from: ‘Shinjuku Masterlord’). Hell freezes over on the day Emmure becomes relevant to music history. In spite of the long history Emmure has had in name – that is, under the guidance of Palmeri – there is no expertise to be found, no wisdom through experience. Time and time again, we are met with the same album on which Palmeri thinks to have found new means to launch his so beloved gangster-rap album on a modern metal beat, which should never distract too much from his own leading role.

Perhaps the time has come for the band to cut the ties with her history and start anew radically – radically different, that is.

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