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Battle Dagorath - II – Frozen Light Of Eternal Darkness

Battle Dagorath - II – Frozen Light Of Eternal Darkness

Label : Avantgarde | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel de Haan : Although Battle Dagorath has been around for a while and this new ‘II – Frozen Light Of Eternal Darkness’ is already their fifth album, I must admit I haven’t checked them out properly before now. And after listening to this album I am inclined to make up for my initial slackness. This Battle Dagorath, with members hailing from the US and Switzerland, plays atmospheric black metal. ‘II – Frozen Light Of Eternal Darkness’ contains lengthy songs, epic vistas and a cold yet comfortable mood. Stretched riffing, complementary synths and bone chilling, icy screeches. The synths are reminiscent of early Emperor (as are the vocals) while the guitars often remind of a crossbreed of Lunar Aurora and Midnight Odyssey. Yes, this oozes atmosphere, strengthened by the intelligent use of repetition and fittingly gritty production. Battle Dagorath even ventures into Darkspace territories and employs sporadic female vocals (on the monolithic track ‘Cast Their Ashes To The North Wind’), which firmly places them beyond the realm of mere emulation. These guys are on to something!

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