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Arida Vortex - Wild Beast Show

Arida Vortex - Wild Beast Show

Label : IceWarrior Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : In Lords of Metal, we never paid attention to Arida Vortex from Russia before, yet these guys have been around for two decades now and this ‘Wild Beast Show’ is their sixth album no less. A band that stays invisible even while they released quite a bit of music, sometimes that does not spell good for the music they play. That general rule does certainly not apply to Arida Vortex! The Russian Primal Fear has come?

Though instrumental opener ‘Escaping From Hell’ still had me thinking about bad quality folk metal, ‘Ghost Rider’ has the firm heavy metal exploding with full force. Flaming guitars, a rhythm section as solid as a rock, and then the voice of Andrew Lobashyov (Andy Vortex). If someone told me that this was a band without singer that therefore asked Ralf Scheepers to sing on the entire record, I might even have believed it. His pitch, the metallic edge of his voice, the similarity between this unknown Russian and the famed German muscle man is almost creepy. And as soon as this band starts playing songs about ‘Tons Of Metal’, the overlap is good enough for a lawsuit due to plagiarism. The class of Primal Feat in writing fantastic songs is unfortunately not present (yet) with Arida Vortex, a fact proven by a song like ‘Higher’. This should not give the guys an inferiority complex though. ‘Wild Best Show’ is a very amusing heavy metal album that should definitely speed up the heartbeat of fans of (obviously) Primal Fear and their genre mates!

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