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Anger Machine - Warpath

Anger Machine - Warpath

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: CD single

Jori : Half a year after the release of the self-titled debut EP of the Dutch thrashers Anger Machine, there is now a second product of this band. A CD single this time, with the song ‘Warpath’ and a cover of Sepultura, ‘Dead Embryonic Cells’. The last EP had the production as a drawback, preventing the songs from surfacing as they should. It seems the criticism on this point was taken up by the band, causing this CD single to sound like it is meant to be! The own composition ‘Warpath’ has this reason combined with the inventive songwriting and technical skill of Thijmen and co to make it one of the better songs I got to hear new this month. Also the Sepultura cover is on fire, and we can only hope that we can get a larger release soon from this promising Dutch band!

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