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Nevborn - Daidalos

Nevborn - Daidalos

Label : Czar Of Crickets Productions | Archive under different metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Cedric : About two years ago the Swiss band Nevborn released their more than decent album ‘Five Horizons’. Now the band is back in the spotlights, but this time they present us an EP. The EP consists of one long song that lasts for almost twenty minutes, which is called ‘Daidalos’.

Nevborn still delivers a progressive-sounding mix of postcore, hardcore, emocore and sludge in which the focus always lies on the use of melody and emotion. Neurosis, Cult Of Luna, The Ocean, Thrice, When Icarus Falls and Poison The Well are nicely blended together and the music is again loaded with passion and emotion, something I sometimes miss in the music of similar-styled bands. ‘Daidalos’ contains plenty of variety and the band shows us a broad spectrum of sounds and influences, from heavy riffing to atmospherical-sounding guitar picking and emotional vocal parts. But I find the most interesting thing about their music to be the light progressive layer that wraps its arms around the rest of the music, which sometimes reminds me of a band like The Contortionist or the softer parts of Tesseract for example.

The clean vocals sound even better than on ‘Five Horizons’, but also de sporadically used screams sound straight from the heart. Another interesting fact is that Loïc Rossetti from The Ocean helps the band on ‘Daidalos’ with his vocals, which will be more than enough reason for some of you to go and discover this EP. Productionwise this disc sounds clear, modern and powerful, a sound in which all layers of the music beautifully shine through. Of course, you could say that an EP with just one song sounds a bit like an ‘inbetweener’, but in the case of Nevborn we are talking about nearly twenty minutes of beautiful music. Fans of the genre are really recommended to go and listen to ‘Daidalos’.

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