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Wormwitch - Strike Mortal Sin

Wormwitch - Strike Mortal Sin

Label : Prosthetic Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Elisabeth : “Pour your wisdom into me. Repent into me and prepare for total annihilation”. Total annihilation? With a statement like this you immediately catch my attention and after listening the whole record my curiosity would not be disappointed.

‘Strike Mortal Sin’ starts with the acoustic ‘As Above’, which leads us into total annihilation which really starts to shape up after the second song ‘Howling From the Grave’. I get a slight Satyricon feeling here, but after half a minute this feeling disappears as fast as it appeared. The total annihilation lasts 39 minutes in total and is filled with howling guitars and pounding rhythms that groove at the right moment, combined with some Black Sabbath riffs and other doomy parts. There is a lot of variation on this album and there are surprises around every corner. Even atmospheric parts in a song like ‘Even The Sun Will Die’ in vein of Anathema are not strange to Wormwitch. You really have got to love all these genre combinations, sometimes they don’t really run smoothly from one to the other. Fans of pure and plain Black Metal will probably not like this release so much, but open minded music fans will surely enjoy ‘Strike Mortal Sin’. Personally I really dig the black ‘n roll of Wormwitch.

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