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Unreal Terror - The New Chapter

Unreal Terror - The New Chapter

Label : Jolly Roger Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : Unreal Terror is an ancient group that decided to leave its grave after thirty years. The only album by the band, ‘Hard Incursion’ from 1986, was received generally well back in the day. The band manages to do that exact same and now hopelessly dated trick again, and despite all modern means available giving this new album a worse production than this old debut. That is an achievement in itself, but that is not meant as a compliment. With all good will in the world there is no way I can imagine anyone waiting for pieces of museum-metal like ‘Time Bomb’ or ‘One More Chance’. This with hardly audible guitar solos and terrible articulation of singer Luciano, who still does not manage to pronounce something decipherable as English even after thirty years of singing. Guys, do yourself and the world a favour, and throw this band back into the pit where it seemingly found its way out from. By the way, welcome to the 21st century. Only interesting for fanatic heavy metal collectors still stuck in the 80s.

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