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Thyrgrim - Vermächtnis

Thyrgrim - Vermächtnis

Label : Trollzorn Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : While many German black metal bands – and actually all over the world – are looking for expanding their musical influences under an impulse of being hungry for innovation and perfection, Thyrgrim still chooses for a resolute and straight forward approach. The first wave of black metal still finds resonance in their rehearsal room in Oberhausen and – as we mentioned in our review of previous album ’Dekaden’ - hate, grief and anger prevail when they write new songs. However, that does not mean that this sixth album of this outfit around vocalist Kain is a matter of stagnation.

Yet ‘Vermächtnis’ impresses me not so grandly than its predecessor. Opener ‘Die Heilung Dieser Welt’ is just an immense explosion with raspy blackened screams and the rudimentary ‘Frühlingsdämmerung’ has a kind of pulverizing rock-‘n-roll feel in the vein of Motörhead and early Venom. It is only during the longer ‘Die Ewige Suche’ that we get more nuances with any acoustic guitar fragments and intense epic outbursts with nice contrasts. During this slower song, the sky opens and vocals sound very desperate. Characteristics such as shrill guitar sound, beautiful soaring tremolo leads and blastbeats are omnipresent in de next songs, but everything remains quite basic. ‘Gefangen Im Wandel’ finally includes a true epic feel that impresses much more. Again the tremolo guitars with magnificent leads are ace in ‘Das Ende Einer Reise’, but the last track ‘Offenbarung’ is fast and rigorous harsh brutality. Thus Thyrgrim does not move to first division until now, but those who have a liking for the harshness of old school black metal can grace it with a higher score. Raw and direct, without compromises, that is Thyrgrim, although we prefer ‘Dekaden’.

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