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The Fright - Canto V

The Fright - Canto V

Label : Steamhammer/SPV | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : The Fright happens to be a German band (hailing from Thuringia) which released earlier four albums, but only now they have reached our offices with the fifth album ‘Canto V’, inspired by Dante’s Inferno. They play sure-fire gothic rock, think of Sisters Of Mercy and The 69 Eyes. We can also mention the Finnish movement from the nineties, with bands such as Charon, Sentenced and HIM.

Without breaking boundaries in terms of originality or renewal, The Fright gives us an agreeable disc with catchy songs. ‘Bonfire Night’ is a great opener with sensitive guitar skills, low baritone voice and a rejoicing atmosphere in the chorus. ‘No One’ sounds different, a bit computer approached, but with fetching harmony vocals included. The up-tempo guitar rock has fervent guitar solos and the five-piece knows how to trigger the attention. Sensitive reveries with a semblance of despair (‘Love Is Gone’) are intermittent with lighter, catchy songs like ‘Oblivion’ and ‘Leave’ in which Michelle Darkness of End Of Green does a guest appearance. That totally suits him. They manage to put their emotions in words and music in a nice manner in the ballad-like ‘Fade Away’ and ‘Century Without A Name’ (sung with broken low-ranged voice). Yet we have heard this all before and better; for instance with Lacrimas Profundere and End Of Green. They wind up in German with a cover of Stuttgart based punk band Fliehende Stürme’s ‘In Sicherheit’. All nice entertainment, flawless eternalized by Waldemar Sorychta in his studio. Nothing to complain about, diehard aficionados of gothic rock can purchase this blindly.

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