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Terror Empire - Obscurity Rising

Terror Empire - Obscurity Rising

Label : Mosher Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : The Portuguese Terror Empire releases their second album with 'Obscurity Rising'. The debut 'The Empire Strikes Back' was already a major punch the face. On the follow-up, you have to be able to tolerate a lot more. I never thought that they could play so much more aggressively and faster. Obviously, they have played a lot between two albums because it runs like a well-oiled machine. With Nuno Oliveira they took a new lead guitarist on board. And that has become a serious added value. His fast solitary work, which occasionally goes out the melodic direction but also can sound sharp, is a serious addition. Then add the excellent and varied sounding riffs and this album can be used as a learning school for any beginning guitarist who wants to learn to play the thrash genre.
The vocals are still sounding as a raging fury. The roar is once again interchanged by a deep shallow and reinforced by multi-voice chorus in the background. Drummer Joao Dourado still plays if his life depends on it. In addition, he recorded the album in his studio and he did the producing, mixing and mastering. And be sure, he added a super sound that makes the album extreme modern. It just begs thirty-seven minutes for banging and moshing if your life depends on it. So playing this in your car or in the living room is at your own risk.

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