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Temple Of Evil - The 7th Awakening

Temple Of Evil - The 7th Awakening

Label : Blood Harvest | Archive under black metal

Release type: Re-release

Dennis : ‘The 7th Awakening’ is the debut album by the black metal band Temple of Evil from Nicosia, the capital city of Cyprus. In late 2015 the band released this album independently and shortly thereafter it got a proper CD release by Deathhammer Records. By the end of 2016 the album was also released on cassette by III Damnation Productions, limited to a 100 copies. My former LOM-colleague Kevin already reviewed ‘The 7th Awakening’ in the March issue of last year and he was quite pleased with this release. The reason we are reviewing this record once again is because the Swedish Bloodharvest Records will release this album again in October, but this time around on vynil. 200 pieces are pressed on black vinyl, and 100 on gold vinyl.

A little bit about the music itself; ‘The 7th Awakening’ contains six dark and occult black metal tracks and in instrumental intro and outro. The black metal of Temple of Evil is raw and pure, the vocals quite diverse and theatrical at times, harsh screams and narrative singing. Some keyboards are used to uplift the atmosphere, as are some female and choir vocals and the dark and evil sound fragments in between the songs make this a pleasant listening experience. Musically I would place Temple of Evil somewhere between old Watain and really old Moonspell, during their ‘Under The Moonspell-EP’ period (if only for the vocals style and southern European accent of singer Arkhon Sakrificer). ‘’The 7th Awakening’ is an interesting underground release for every black metal fan, and with the release on Bloodharvest Records, soon available on LP.

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