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Process Of Guilt - Black Earth

Process Of Guilt - Black Earth

Label : Division Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Pim B. : Like the previous album ‘Fæmin’ from 2012 ‘Black Earth’ also is a co-release between Bleak Recordings and Division Records. Musically we can compare this new album by Process Of Guilt to what is presented on ‘Fæmin’, which was an album that had a somewhat different sound. Where these Portuguese guys could be tagged as doom/death metal based on their albums ‘Renounce’ (2006) and ‘Erosion’ (2009) ‘Fæmin’ contained a more sludgy sound with slight industrial undertones. Something we can say about the five songs on ‘Black Earth’ as well.

The compositions are consistent and the overall pace is quite slow. This is no obstacle for the riffs that contain groove and a staccato character, which results in a hypnotic vibe without drowning in melancholy. Process Of Guilt's music does sound angry. I’ll try to explain what you can expect. Try to imagine Prong plays their songs in the pace of a band such as Crowbar. Add elements of Killing Joke and Godflesh and you get a pretty good idea how Process Of Guilt sounds. The result is a heavy and dismal album. The soundtrack to the current state of our (black) earth.

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