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Metalite - Heroes In Time

Metalite - Heroes In Time

Label : Inner Wound Recordings | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : The Swedish melodic rock band Metalite was founded in 2015 when guitar player Edwin Premberg en female vocalist Emma Bensing ran in to one another. Edwin presented his musical ideas and vision to Emma and a collaboration was born. The duo started to work together with the Danish producer Jacob Hansen and slowly but surely the songs started to take shape. In 2016 the line-up was completed with the addition of female drummer Lea Larson, guitar player Rober Ornesved and bass player Robert Majd.and barely one year later the debut album ‘Heroes In Time’ is released via Inner Wound Recordings.

The goal of Metalite was to create melodic and memorable metal songs with a fresh and modern sound and of those enough are to be found on this debut album. Especially the first single ‘Afterlife’, ‘Nighmare’, ‘Heroes In Time’ and ‘Over And Done’ sound very good, but as a matter of fact all eleven songs on offer here are of a very good quality level. Biggest assets of the Metalite sound are the fresh guitar riffs and the great vocals of Emma Bensing, who provides a lovely vocal coloring of the songs. Metalite immediately makes a very strong impression with this debut album and that gives a lot of confidence for a successful future of the band.

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