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Madame Mayhem - Ready For Me

Madame Mayhem - Ready For Me

Label : Metalville | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : About a year ago the debut album ‘Now You Know’ of the American female singer Madame Mayhem saw the light of day, which wasn’t really capable of leaving a big impression. Now this lady is back at the front with successor ‘Ready For Me’ and also this album isn’t exactly a very convincing affair. The thirteen tunes on offer are by all means a lot better and especially more mature than what was to be found on the debut album, but it still isn’t very distinctive. Female singer Madame Mayhem has quite a nice voice, but that just isn’t enough to talk about the truly good album.

The song material sounds very modern and somewhat chaotic and incorporates at times some industrial influences which isn’t something that I truly like. The riffs of both guitar players Clint Lowerly and Troy McLawhorn are not bad at all and as said also with the voice of Madame Mayhem in itself there’s nothing wrong, but things aren’t packaged into truly great songs and that’s what’s it’s all about, right? As stated compared to the first album a solid improvement is clearly visible and especially songs like ‘Wake Up (Enemy)’, the somewhat subdued ‘Number One’ and title track ‘Ready For Me’ are quite worthwhile checking out, but as a whole Madame Mayhem still doesn’t bring enough consistency and quality to the table with this ‘Ready For Me’. If they

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