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Runespell - Unhallowed Blood Oath

Runespell - Unhallowed Blood Oath

Label : Iron Bonehead Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : Unlike what its name suggests, Runespell isn’t a power metal band from Germany, but rather a black metal one-man band from Australia, believe it or not, that sounds like it intends to escape the sewers soon. Judging from the production quality of debut album ‘Unhallowed Blood Oath’ however, solo member Nightwolf (I swear to god, please stop this kid from naming stuff) still seems to have a long way to go. He takes care of all the instrumentation on this record, as well as the vocals, but the latter especially is drowned in effects to the point where I wonder if there’s even any vocal skill involved; it sounds like the dude just recorded throat noises and processed those with a ton of compression and reverb in hopes of recreating a massive sound like his Scandinavian influencers. Oh well, it’s probably all really trve and kvlt, but it’s nothing worthwhile if you’re able to get through the initial sense of disgust with the production.

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