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Märvel - At The Sunshine Factory

Märvel - At The Sunshine Factory

Label : The Sign | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : Märvel is quite busy lately; beside the re-release of their complete back-catalogue with their new label The Sign, they also bring a really new album into the world. The most recent release before this one ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ had some very attractive contributions, but also some “fillers” to my taste. (Especially the more laid-back songs could express lameness and boredom.) The new album starts up with a quiet theme also, but this time the tasteful acoustic guitars really add to the song, and this time it continues as an energetic up-tempo track with remarkable furious and attractive guitars. The band has always delivered quality in the solid, more Kiss-like, straight forward, catchy rock, so a track like ‘Hearts And Balls’ is simply a one hundred percent score, but even the really laid-back songs like ‘Good Luck Sandy’ and ‘Angela’ can contribute to some diversity and quality in a very pleasant way. Diversity can be found more than before by the way; listen to the “strange” melodic horror-rock track ‘Monsters Grow In The Dark’, or the almost poppy sounding staccato ‘Step Closer’, the very suitable entitled, and maliciously sounding ‘Vinegar’ or the stomping and driving ‘Live And Learn’ (they’ve listened to Danko Jones very well!). The guys have delivered a very nice piece of work again.

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