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Putrid Offal - Anatomy

Putrid Offal - Anatomy

Label : Xenokorp | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Mini-CD

Koen B. : It’s kind of strange, but we at Lords Of Metal have never ever reviewed a Putrid Offal release until now! The French band started in 1991, disbanded in 1994 and went on hiatus for about 20 (!) years. ‘Suffering’ (2014) was their comeback EP, followed by a compilation CD ‘Premature Necropsy, that also was included as a bonus disc on the ‘Mature Necropsy’ CD (2015). Now the band releases ‘Anatomy’, a six track EP that holds two new tracks, two rejuvenated tracks as well as two live tracks that were recorded in Belgium during the band’s comeback show.

Listening to Putrid Offal in 2017 is kind of the same as listening to Putrid Offal back in 1991, when they released their first demo ‘Unformed’. The last song of that demo, ‘Gurgling Prey’, was released on the ‘Appointment With Fear 1’ compilation in the long gone but not forgotten label Cyber Music, where I got hold of Putrid Offal for the first time. Sure, their musical skills have improved throughout the years, but the main inspiration is still the same: (old) Carcass! Carcass, The County Medical Examiners and Regurgitate fans can buy ‘Anatomy’ instantly….

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