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Kadavar - Rough Times

Kadavar - Rough Times

Label : Nuclear Blast | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : The previous album of Kadavar ‘Berlin’ smoothly entered the album charts in Germany and the US. Thus things are going well with those two Germans and a French bassist who found each other in the metropolis of Berlin. Before making their fourth album ‘Rough Times’, they have built their own studio in which they have the freedom to experiment and work on new songs without pressure. Let us check out what Kadavar adds to the legacy of hard rock from the seventies.

Let us put it straight: Kadavar plays retro rock, packed in catchy, compact songs. No endless soloing or fluttering instrumental passages, but songs with a proper head and tail. Actually the band comes from the doom scène and they add now and then some bluesy overtones to it. Opener and title track ‘Rough Times’ and ‘Into The Wormehole’ brim with heavy, marshy riffs and fuzz distortion. The clean vocals of guitarist Christoph ‘Lupus’ Lindemann reminds us more than once of Ozzy. The repetitive character of ‘Skeleton Blues’ even verges to sludge. Then things get a bit lighter with the fetching ‘Die Baby Die’ (warm vintage sound and wah wah solos) and the calm, thoughtful ‘Vampires’ with nice guitar skills. ‘Tribulation Nation’ opens psychedelic, but turns into a catchy rocker in the end. The influences of Black Sabbath are very obvious in ‘Words Of Evil’ that includes parts of ‘Paranoid’. Just listen to the steamy rhythm and the vocals. A dark underground atmosphere reigns in ‘The Lost Child’, reminding me of The Doors with its organ. Here we have an agreeable melancholy in the contemplative vocals. Loads of fervent guitar solos in ‘You Found The Best In Me’. Due to its slow pace it has a bluesy feel. And it must be the contribution of bassist Simon ‘Dragon’ Bouteloup to make a dark spoken manifest in French of ‘A L‘Ombre Du Temps’, dreamy with fluttering sounds. Then steps fade out in the distance… A fine accessible record that will appeal to aficionados of retro rock. Release date: 29th of September.

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