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Morbid Evils - Deceases

Morbid Evils - Deceases

Label : Svart Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Hey, the frolicking Fins of Morbid Evils are back in town. Still as merry as a couple of slaughtered lambs in pastures green. All nice and morbid and lugubrious. Sludge, doom and a pinch of death metal of the nasty kind. ‘Deceases’ the nasty fucker is called and indeed, the deceases abound. Tumours, death breath, you name it. In total the six songs clock in at about forty minutes. Which is more than enough because it tends to become quite monotonous the further one delves into the album. That monotony which borders on boredom is the albums major negative. Was there to be more variation in the music we would have been dealing with a monster of an album. Recommended to anyone who likes their doom extreme and can stand a bit of monotony.

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