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Korpiklaani - Live At Masters Of Rock

Korpiklaani - Live At Masters Of Rock

Label : Nuclear Blast | Archive under pagan / folk metal

Release type: DVD/Video/Blu-ray

Vera : Korpiklaani stands for having a party! Just like people ought to call ‘football a feast’. Exuberant masses of people in need of having a good time gather on a field and let themselves go. Since we saw the proper ‘migration of Germanic people’ at Summer Breeze 2005, when the Finns still played in the afternoon, we already knew that Korpiklaani would become a popular band. A pre-eminently live band indeed, always in the mood to serve the dancing hordes to the max. In this respect it took quite a while before they finally launched a live registration at the world.

Finally the time has come to do that, after nine studio albums. The DVD includes two shows at Czech Vizovice during the Masters of Rock festival. One recorded in July 2014 and the main show happens to be registered in July 2016. This is a special one. The band put down an amazing show with two violinists and two accordionists. Permanent member Tuomas Rounakari (in traditional white clothing) is supported by Tero Hyväluoma on violin. Accordionist Sami Perttula invited his twin brother Toni on accordion. The evening performance instantly creates huge moshpits and starts with the new song ‘Man With A Plan’ (exceptional English lyrics). That plan is obviously drinking and having a good time. Czech people have a good reputation in drinking and partying and consequently they give the tight playing band a warm welcome. Actually their Slavonic nature has a lot in common with the legacy of Scandinavia, in this case Finland. On one side respect for their cultural heritage and mythology, on the other hand the passion to let yourself go and enjoy the good things in life.

Of course drinking songs like ‘Vodka’, ‘Wooden Pints’ and ‘Beer Beer’ cannot be missing in the set list, but our favourites are ‘Lempo’ with its idiosyncratic rhythms, ‘Metsämies’ when they sit down together in front of the stage, ‘Kultanainen’ with its heavy doom-like riffs and the inciting ‘Ämmänhauta’. Jonne Järvelä remains a very sympathetic front man, he also mixed the shows, while Svante Försback did the mastering. They opted for a natural approach, the band as they are live. The bland smile of bassist Jarkko, the jolly round dances of guitarist Cane, the stiff perseverance of drummer Matson and the charismatic presentation of vocalist Jonne, it is all omnipresent during this show of five quarters of an hour. The second show took place two years earlier at the same Masters of Rock festival, during daylight. The audience is as crazy as during the evening show, but the band looks calmer. It is interesting that the set list is totally different, only five same songs in 2016. That’s why we can speak of a completely different experience. This is essential for the fans and a mighty blueprint of excellent Scandinavian folk metal. Available on 2CD, DVD and blu-ray.

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