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High Spirits - Escape

High Spirits - Escape

Label : High Roller Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Jori : Not even one year after the release of the latest album ‘Motivator’, Chris Black has new music ready from “his” band High Spirits. This EP carries the title ‘Escape’ and contains four typical High Spirits songs, which as always stand for a cartload of positive energy each. The title track opening this short record is fast-paced, which makes it extra energetic and lively. ‘Stage Fright’ brings a good portion of humour to the fold and bears a typical 70’s sound. The short ‘Felt Like Rock And Roll’ does indeed feel completely like that, while ‘Lonely Nights’ tries to tap from a more serious barrel. If you are familiar with the band, then this EP is a completely safe investment, for also ‘Escape’ features this secret High Spirits element. Not yet familiar with the band, but always eager for some energetic feel-good metal? Then ‘Escape’ will be a very good first purchase of this band, recommended!

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