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Herzparasit  - ParaKropolis

Herzparasit - ParaKropolis

Label : Echozone | Archive under industrial / ebm

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Herzparasit is a Neue Deutsche Härte band hailing from Munich, with influences from industrial, rock, metal and gothic. They were founded in 2008 and with ‘ParaKropolis’ (a neologism of ‘Parapolis’ (interculture) and ‘akropolis’) they release their third album for which they took their time to show development. That damned heart parasite descends on an almost apocalyptic earth to check what they can do to give humans a gentle kick in the right direction and don’t give up. Consequently the German lyrics are full of social awareness and self-critical thoughts.

The band fits in the category of Rammstein, Eisbrecher and Oomph!. It means stamping rhythms, dynamic riffs, a certain catchiness and danceable; plus lyrics with a message. They infiltrate electro influences and playful keyboards, while ‘Ich’ and ‘Vaterland’ even flirt with dubstep beats for a moment. Some of the songs are relished with symphonic arrangements and the vigorous ‘Meine Träume Jagen Mir Hinterher’ and ‘It Must Be In English!’ are regaled with guest vocals of Sven Mehrend of Defated. They both have English lyrics. Yet we can find a lot of chaff among the wheat. The children’s choir in ‘Blut Lügt Nicht’ and the song ‘Einzelteile’ are obvious flaws. Most of the songs are diverting to hear one time, but they do not haunt you. With the contemplative ‘Ich’ and the melancholic ‘Regentage’ they bring in a sensitive vibe. This is a cautious done try, but mediocre in its genre. However, they have shot a lengthy, interesting video for ‘Vatermal’.

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