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Hate Moon - The Imprisoning War

Hate Moon - The Imprisoning War

Label : Folkvangr Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel de Haan : Hate Moon is an American symphonic black meal band that with its debut ‘The Imprisoning War’ is praising the Celtic culture. Hate Moon’s approach is quite common these days; taking the aesthetic of vintage black metal (a term I hereby claim as my very own and is referring to the nineties sound) and adding layers of keyboards to create atmosphere and melody. Sadly for Hate Moon, their riffing isn’t spectacular and the use keyboard-tapestries sounds tired and overbearing. The hyperbolic screaming which really becomes distracting quite fast does not help either. Undoubtedly Hate Moon are dedicated to what they do, but really need to mature more in order to create material that actually invokes the images they want to invoke in the listener. For now the material doesn’t contain enough ingenuity, freshness and quality to warrant a recommendation.

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