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Excoriate - …Of The Gastly Stench

Excoriate - …Of The Gastly Stench

Label : Nihilistic Holocaust | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Demo

Koen B. : When ‘…Of The Gastly Stench’ arrived at my doorstep, I guessed the mighty Exmortis (U.S.A.) finally was resurrected from the grave. After a second look I figured out I was wrong. Excoriate’s logo has some similarities with Exmortis’ logo I think. Anyway, this is Excoriate I’m talking about here. The band hails from Chile, has released some demo’s and splits with Demonic Rage (‘Death Communion’) and Horrifying (‘A Dismal Journey To The Oblivion’).

Now the band releases a third demo that holds four tracks. All of them already were available through the split CD with Horrifying (2015) so I don’t know what’s the added value of this release? To me, the ‘…Of The Gastly Stench’ demo is a great first acquaintance with Excoriate, a band that plays raw underground death metal with some black metal influences which is not for the faint of hearted. If you want to know more about these killer tunes, visit Nihilistic Holocaust’s webpage.

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