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ELP - Black Moon

ELP - Black Moon

Label : BMG | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Re-release

Winston : And yes, here are the last two ELP albums, re-released and remastered. Also with bonus material like live shows, additional footage and interviews. First, just bring things up to date in the big story; after the original ELP experienced a gap in the 80's, Keith Emerson and Greg Lake, with rock drummer Cozy Powell, recorded an album named after themselves. Carl Palmer was busy with the band Asia, other career opportunities and was thus unavailable. Funny thing is that this album was musically more interesting than the last few ELP albums.

Fast forward to 1992, the original band has been re-engraved and 'Black Moon' is the album that received quite varying degrees. To name a few things; The song 'Affairs Of The Heart' was written by Greg Lake with Geoff Downes in 1988. And which band do we know him of? Right; Asia (and Yes). Not exactly fresh inspired and that caused ‘Black Moon’ to feature a tried modern sound that forced the creative soul of the band into the background. The singing of Greg Lake was frowned upon, his voice was no longer the one of the years of success.

In 1994, ELP comes in with 'In The Hot Seat', which sounds musically more interesting and less forded. During the recording, Keith Emerson has suffered an injury on his right hand and underwent surgery. The pieces he could not play with him were overdubbed with his left hand. The problem with his hand would persist until 2002 and many believe that this has worked mentally with Emerson. The time in the musical landscape was not best for prog dinosaurs like ELP, Genesis and Yes; grunge was hip and the big record labels let these heroes fall from time to time. ELP didn’t overcome this and 'In The Hot Seat' is the last studio album of the band that once was of great influence.

A new album was considered, but there were too many opinions different in the band. There were still some live concerts later and the last one was during the High Voltage festival in London. I was there and so I allowed to see the legend to be in action. All the elements were present and I got a good glimpse of how the band in the 70's literally made the stages unsafe. As you know, it never came back together after that again; both Keith Emerson (suicide) and Greg Lake (cancer) died in 2016. Carl Palmer keeps the ELP soul alive with his Carl Palmer's ELP Legacy today, joining Todd Rundgren and Yes on tour in America.

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