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Divinity Compromised - Terminal

Divinity Compromised - Terminal

Label : No Dust Records | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Leon : Divinity Compromised was founded in 2009 and features several veterans of the Chicago-area metal scene. The band has focused on creating a heavy, yet melodic and accessible sound. In 2013 the band released its debut album, ‘A World Torn’, and they even played on ProgPower USA that year. The band has had four years to work on new material that have resulted in their new album ‘Terminal’.

The band can be satisfied because they’ve succeeded in creating accessible, melodic, heavy music, as they sounds similar to the likes of Circus Maximus and Pagan’s Mind. The music is mainly driven by the excellent guitar riffs of Jeff Treadwell and Ben Johnson, who play one awesome riff after the other, but also Mike Mousel’s drumming is really good and is responsible for the dynamics in the music. Bass player Andy Bunk plays pretty well too but in the whole production he’s mixed to the background. No, the ability to play their instrument won’t be the issue. There are a few very good songs on the album, like ‘The Definition Of Insanity’ and ‘Shelter In Place’, but, unfortunately, they can’t keep up this level throughout the album and songs like ‘The Last Refugee’ are just not that good (although the short grunt parts of that song are really cool).

The biggest issue with this CD, as often, are the vocals. Lothar Keller is not a bad singer at all, on the contrary, but he doesn’t have a great vocal range, he misses power on crucial moments, and his vocal lines aren’t always interesting. It’s a shame because that’s the difference between a good and a really good album, if they would have a singer with the skills of Russel Allen (Symphony X) or Tommy Karevik (Kamelot/Seventh Wonder) they might’ve become one of the big names in the genre. Luckily, I can be happy about the lyrics, that are criticizing the world, but also the master of Jens Bogren (how many albums does that man do?) that never disappoints. Definitely worth listening to, as it is a pretty good album.

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