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Distress Of Ruin - Insights

Distress Of Ruin - Insights

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Demo

Elisabeth : And sometimes you receive a CD, where you can only be incredibly grateful afterwards that the big boss has chosen you to review this band, otherwise they would never have crossed your path. This is the case with Insights of the Finnish melodic death metal band, Distress The Ruin. And, in fact, I do not want to share this with you at all and to keep this little secret to myself, but fortunately, selfishly feels me feverish and I will do it anyway.

Every second of ‘Insights’, you can notice how much energy, time and passion was put into each song. The instruments harmonize so well with each other, and even the keyboards, which in my eyes are always a tough case, are inserted very well into the music. Never too present, but not too subtle. The combination of screaming and clean vocals with melodic death metal will always be a balancing act on the wire and only few bands are able to keep it balanced where Distress of Ruin just keeps going. And the clear vocals are pretty good. Delightful combination. Brutal guitars alternate with clean guitars and no idea how but everything stay totally in balance. An absolute achievement in my cd rack, but also in those of old Soilwork fans or bands like Insomnium.

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