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Blind Justice - It’s Dark

Blind Justice - It’s Dark

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Marcel H. : It’s always fun to see that a band you followed closely a quarter of a century ago, both on demos, albums and live, but somehow lost track of, is still around and releasing music. Nowadays the band is a trio and the vocalist/guitarist of yore now handles bass and still does the vocals. Attila Szabo is the sole surviving original band member and still band leader. Musically quite a bit has changed. Back in the day the band played thrash with a saxophone and violin and was quite technical and referenced Sepultura at times. Nowadays Blind Justice plays a groovier kind of thrash. Even though it has changed quite a bit the music is still recognizable as Blind Justice. Especially opening song ‘It’s Dark’ showcases that aspect. The groove thrash is well written and as tight as a duck’s ass. More than enough jump up and down moments in the songs. After hearing this five track EP I immediately put on their older work. Damn that was really ahead of its time. That is not the case with the music on offer on ‘It’s Dark’, but that doesn’t make it any worse. A recommendation for anyone who enjoys groove thrash.

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