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Black Bambi - Black Bambi

Black Bambi - Black Bambi

Label : 20th Century Media | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : “Download Black Bambi” it said in my inbox. For a moment, I thought I had been spammed by a porn site who wanted to introduce some sort of exotic beauty to me. But no, it’s all about a never released album recorded in 1990 by American rock band Black Bambi. 20th Century Media made the decision to finally release this album officially twenty-seven (!) years after it was recorded.

If you must believe the attached bio Black Bambi was one of the “hottest tickets” in town prior, during and after this album was recorded. Accompanying the album are a few promotional pictures form the 1990 period. So, we have a real trip down memory lane here. Atlantic records showed interest in the band and even hired then top of the bill producer Beau Hill, not the cheapest in that period. But, unfortunately, the guy at Atlantic who adopted the four black deer got sacked and the train to fame came to a screeching halt. A few months later the band disbanded and the recordings were shelved. On YouTube, you can hear some crappy-sounding bootleg recordings from this album. So, the band has some kind of cult status I think.

Quality-wise this band keeps its own, led by singer Steven Ray Anastos fronting the band. His voice comes closest to Stephen Pearcy (ex-Ratt) and Don Dokken. But I can’t say we missed a milestone in music because this album did not get a proper release in 1990. The, Ratt-like, material on offering is just not strong enough for that. During the period, Black Bambi was still operational, there were countless bands on the Sunset Strip who had more potential and quality to be honest with you. The recordings do sound okay, but do not expect a crystal-clear production as Beau Hill delivered for Ratt. My feeling says that the job was not even entirely done before the plug was pulled.

I believe that there is definitely a, selective, audience of collectors that will embrace this album and give it a place in his or her collection. Sales will not go through the roof with this release. How harsh this may sound. But Black Bambi would not have been able to pull this off if the album was released twenty-seven years back. Leaves me with one nagging question; How did the Black Bambi boys stand the test of time twenty-seven years later?

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