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Voltage - Around The Bend

Voltage - Around The Bend

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under bluesrock

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : Hailing from the middle of the Netherlands here’s Voltage. With ‘Around The Bend’ the band is releasing its second full album. Led by vocalist/guitarist Dave Vermeulen, who landed the second spot in the Dutch rendition of ‘The Voice’ back in 2015. If you are a full-blown lover of the more extreme metal this might not be your cup of tea, but if you fancy some blues rock with a sharp edge Voltage might be of interest to you.

The band itself souds solid and skillful in what they do. Opener ‘Pistol Pete’ sounds dirty and slow in a good way. Single ‘Good Times’ reminds me of Kid Rock during his hit ‘All Summer Long’. 100 % feel good with a nice summer feel to it. ‘Up The Road’ is Country all the way with a Hammond organ adding to that Western feel. During ‘Up From The Downside’ the band switches back to true bluesrock in a convincing way. Together with ‘Dirty Harry’s Juke Joint’ these two songs are my favourite. ‘Bye Bye Baby’ is true Rock & Roll. ‘Blue Highway’ sees the band moving in a slower pace. Resulting in a nice and moody song with some great background vocals. ‘Matchbox’ is guaranteed to go down a storm during live shows.

Voltage has released a diverse album showing they master all sort of styles. Although I am far from an expert in this field of music, I feel safe to conclude that this band knows what they are doing and do it in a convincing and professional way. Voltage might be here to stay, only those beards guys, come on.

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