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Svartsorm - Иллюзия выбора

Svartsorm - Иллюзия выбора

Label : Requiem Distribution | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Ramon : The number of bands that get away with singing and communicating in their mother tongue, provided that’s not English, is very limited. That means, if they have an ambition to break through internationally. The Russian band Svartstorm gives it a shot and hopes all of their 300 copies will be sold anyway and puts on everything, including the title of the album, in Russian. Since my Russian is about as good as my Chinese, is this about all the background information I can give. That, plus the fact that the band consists of four male and one female member on keys, who also sings along a bit. They describe their music as extreme gothic music, but it is not really that extreme, nor very gothic. The keyboard is not particularly prominent present, although it does add nicely to the vibe. But a fairly radio-friendly band like Epica is tougher, to give one example. And the mystery surrounding gothic… I think they never even heard of a band like Lacrimosa.

The riffs are almost Eurovision Songfestival like, so happy and the vocals too sound like a headmaster who is put in the position of a metal singer for a project, but who has no intention to go for it. Furthermore I can give you the info (I searched on while I listened) that they released Eps in 2013 and 2016, of which I can’t decipher the name either and that this is their debut album. If there is anything to match the promised mystery or extremity, please let it be the lyrics, although I find that hard to believe too. Another thing I can say is that the composers seemed to have listened a lot to Scandinavian bands. The aforementioned language barrier really takes a lot away. I can’t tell whether he is singing about a well-made apple pie or the fact he put a rope around his neck, while he stands on the edge of a bridge. Let’s hope it is the first. The production, that is something to give compliments about. Big time. Everything that is played can be heard very well. That is ,if you ever get the opportunity, as with a limited edition of 300 I seriously doubt that your local record store will have it. That chances are just about as big as Dani Filth will be rapping on the next record of Cradle of Filth. Almost neglectable, that is.

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