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Sky Architect - Nomad

Sky Architect - Nomad

Label : Freia Music | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : I had lost sight of the band for a while. Years ago, the band was playing at a progfestival in my hometown of Helmond and back then I thought they were - by far - the best band of the festival. The band then released some albums that I have not listened to, god knows why (not). I am talking about Sky Architect, the band around singer / guitarist / composer Tom Luchies. It has been quiet around the band for four years, but with 'Nomad' the band seems to be back at the progfront. And with a bang!

Yes, 'Nomad' must be heard. The band itself claims they have changed their musical direction drasticallly, which in short means that their music is now more based on song-oriented material than of all kinds of complex (and often tiring) structures. With that change, Sky Architect hits the nail on the head. The song material is of a very high level. All songs are well composed, You hear the musical craftsmanship but at the same time you can hear (accessible) melodies. Please do not think that suddenly all songs sound simple because of course it’s still Sky Architect. In addition to the necessary progrock references, I clearly hear influences from, for example, Radiohead ('Wasteland') and Motorpsycho ('Into Singularity') in the music of our countrymen. Fortunately, Wabe Wieringa is still in the lineup; as far as I am concerned, one of the most talented guitarists in our country, unfortunately not known to the public. That boy can really play guitar, both solo as well as riffs and subtle acoustic pieces. Best songs of the album are 'Dune' (with convincing vocals of Luchies and beautiful melodies) and the long, closing 'Into Singularity' (absolutely great composition). Excellent album from an excellent band.

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