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Silver End - Spreading Fire

Silver End - Spreading Fire

Label : Mighty Music | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : With one million visitors on YouTube and half a million songs played on Spotify, this melodic hard rock band from Norway is heading the right way. According to their bio, they are especially inspired by bands like Linkin Park, Crown The Empire and Breaking Benjamin. And this should be an alarm bell for every true metal fan. Such as I. Because Silver End plays songs that will especially will appeal to and enthusiastic teenager audience who think skinny jeans, a light eyeliner and, above all, a lot of experience with smartphones and emoticons are important. Rock music and pop are constantly interchanged. Multi-voice chorus where the after-na-nahs and woh-woh wows form the highlights, are swirled broadly. A lot of soft songs in which emotional vocals (probably about petty teenager problems) are forced down your throat. Everything is done well, no doubt, but unfortunately this kind of music does not make me tick. With songs like 'Hope', 'The Gate' and 'Paranoid Freak', they play some nice rock songs, but that won’t save this album. Though listening to this was a good reason to delve into my collection of real Norwegian metal again. Just to make sure Norwegians still can deliver.

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