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RPWL - A New Dawn

RPWL - A New Dawn

Label : Gentle Art Of Music | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: DVD/Video/Blu-ray

Winston Arntz : The German prog rockers of RPWL is one of Europe's best prog rock collectives. With 'Wanted' from 2014, I suggested that the band might have reached its peak and this view is now enhanced by 'A New Dawn', the registration of RPWL's live show. Released on CD, DVD and vinyl, a great event is presented, with a lot of time and effort being spent. For this show only the whole thing was re-arranged. About 50 people see you coming to the stage so that we can indeed speak of an event. The overall concept that is distributed over three albums is beautiful and convincingly interpreted and performed and although a stage offers limited space, it is all well worked out. And then think that the third part will still follow!

Pink Floyd's German grandchild, as RPWL is best known, honors the old progrock roots and embraces modern times, builds a bridge between the two and is particularly proud of 'A New Dawn'. The waiting is, as I said, now on part three and yes, so on a new live show? Probably.

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