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Nostoc - Aevum

Nostoc - Aevum

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : Lots of unbearable lyrics, very schizophrenic song structures and barely any hooks, but a great production and a believable vocalist: I’m on the fence about this record. On the one hand, I hear a fleshed out Gojira meets Mastodon meets old Scale the Summit, yet on the other I hear a band that really wants to but fails to. That’s not to say that the guys are skilled players: all of them really put their skills to test on this record. It’s unfortunate however that a clear purpose is lost to them. Many of the songs kind of flow into each other, which makes for a very “long feeling” 56 minutes this album takes up. I feel this band could do with some trimming the unnecessary fluff and I’m therefor curious how focused they can sound on the next release.

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